About Nordic e-comerce

The e-commerce revolution is the most exciting thing since the car’s invention. “We do not think that e-commerce can learn anything in particular from offline commerce, just like the car industry doesn’t look back on horses and carriages to learn from them”. On the contrary, we think that it’s limiting to view offline commerce as some kind of a basis for commerce. For us, e-commerce is the basis and offline commerce is only one sales channel within e-commerce. We are convinced that in the future, people will look back on the e-commerce revolution as one of the more important developments in changing our world – and we want to be a part of that development.


We can see a future where entreprenuers can sell products to anyone – a woman who makes bracelets will be able to sell them to the whole world instead of on the local marketplace, the business man who spends his evenings on his hobby will be able to follow his dream and do it full time, etc.


Additionally, we think that it is crucial for a country’s economy and development to be in the frontiers of e-commerce. That’s why we think that the Nordic e-commerce is such a great fair where many companies can meet and exchange knowledge about e-commerce. 

Sarah Wittbom, CEO

Sarah Wittbom is the CEO of Nordic e-commerce. She believes that everyone is a star and she wants them to shine. This might seem like an impossible task for the rest of us, but for Sarah it is easy, with her sincere interest in others as individuals and in their personal development. Therefore, it is not surprising that she loves the Summit so much. She finds different people that can tell their story, how they solved real problems and how they have succeeded against all odds, from the big stage and help others to develope their webshop – and themselves. With her passion for e-commerce she also puts a lot of effort into documenting Swedish and Nordic e-commerce history in the eDocumentaries, which she does together with Christopher. All this is a result of Sarah’s love for e-commerce, her drive to make Nordic e-commerce the best in the world and to be among the pioneers of e-commerce.