Want to broaden your knowledge in e-commerce? Then have a look at the Nordic e-commerce academy. 


Certified e-retailer

Nordic eCommerce offers a totally unique education for e-retailers. Apart from getting a broad knowledge within all important areas in e-commerce, there will be unique possibilities to connect the education to your own e-company. During the whole education every student will work with an e-commerce project. This project can be a complex problem solution or a part of your already existing e-commerce solution. You will have a mentor with expert knowledge about the area in question throughout the whole education. Consequently you will become trained and get help from experts for your operative work at the same time – which will facilitate your hectic situation as a busy e-retailer.

The objective of the education

The objective is to give the participants the knowledge they need in order to analyze, develop, control, and run e-commerce: theory, models, case studies, and practical adaption. The aim is to give the participants a basic understanding of all areas of e-commerce. The program contains four parts, divided into four different occasions and finally one examination.


After the examination and the presentation of the projects that were performed during the education you will have a substantial knowledge in all the basic areas of running a profitable e-commerce company. You will possess a unique skill in operating sales in e-commerce after this course with its practical orientation and its lecturers with many years of experience from various areas of e-commerce.


After this education the participant will have:

  • knowledge and a basic understanding about the background and base of e-commerce
  • knowledge about the customers’ shopping cycle, their shopping behavior, and what attracts a consumer on the web, also how you can meet their demands
  • an understanding about how the technique behind e-commerce works and what is needed to drive and conduct an e-commerce solution
  • knowledge about how to organize a running e-commerce – internally but also  externally (referring to the deliverers that are connected to an e-company’s business)
  • knowledge about how the various parts (multi channels) interact and how to actively drive all parts in the same direction in order to create more sales
  • knowledge about the importance of having a functioning mobile e-commerce
  • knowledge about how the different pay solutions work and which of them suits the company’s target group best
  • basic knowledge about how logistics and customer service should operate
  • knowledge about how a customers’ club and a search function should work
  • knowledge about various ways of measuring and evaluating e-commerce, and how to convert that knowledge into a way of getting the customer to revisit the web shop

Target group

This education is meant to help those who are setting up a web shop for your company or those who are working with an already operating web shop. The education is also designed for you who are already working in – or will soon be working in – a bigger e-commerce solution.