Mystery eShopping

What is Mystery eShopping?

Mystery Shopping is a well-tried methodology for measuring the shopping experience from the customer’s perspective. By testing the web shop through the whole shopping process is an analysis with improvement points acquired.


The e-tailing group is an American company founded in 1993 by Lauren Freedman. With 15 years of experience in department/speciality merchandising she had a solid understanding of the behavior and needs of a customer in the shopping process. This she transferred to e-commerce and developed a methodology for performing mystery shopping analyses and reports specifically for e-retailers. Now the group has helped many of the biggest companies of the world to improve their e-commerce.


Using the methodology of the e-tailing group and their own experiences from e-commerce Nordic e-commerce offer:

  • an analysis of your solution to find and prioritize the improvement areas applying to your e-business
  • an annual report where Swedish e-commerce sites are compared to American sites in every area within the Mystery Shopper methodology.

How Is a Mystery Shopper Analysis Performed?

Every page of a web-shop site is investigated in a structured and methodical way. Then the pages and their functions are analyzed and compared to more than 370 various parameters that the e-tailing group has developed since the start in 1993. These analyses give a picture of how well a company’s solution is compared to its competitors and to e-commerce in general.

The report also analyzes the different tactics that Scandinavian e-retailers use in order to:

  • show products
  • implement campaigns
  • take care of the customers (by the customer service)
  • guide the customer after a search
  • facilitate the paying process
  • have a well-functioning return policy

The report

The report can be ordered in two different varieties:


The General Report – Nordic Mystery eShopper

The general report will give you compiled data from 90 Nordic e-retailers and 100 American e-retailers on about 370 tested and graded metrics. You will also have an analysis of what these values mean divided into various areas like:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Navigation and search functions
  • How to make customers complete their buy
  • Building a relation with the customers
  • Customer service
  • Delivery, return policy, and feedback
  • The interest for customers and products
  • Availability and communication


The Unique Report

Would you like to be Mystery eShopped? An analysis of your solution plus a unique report. Nordic e-commerce offer an analysis of your company’s e-commerce together with a comparison between your business and other Nordic and American e-retailers.